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Friday, November 29, 2013

In the Evening, Neatly

Figure 1. Video still.
Hi Poetry Friends. I have a poem in Better Magazine called "In the Evening, Neatly." It tackles subjects such as walking in the street, staying somewhere and being better. Along with the text, find a video of me reading the poem while wearing a sparkly hat (Figure 1); listen to an mp3 of me reading the poem while wearing 10 hats. Take a look at the many other poets and poems; they are the best part.

Side note--If you want to read anything, there are a bunch of my poems available online (see Publications). Your best bets, as some sites appear to be lost, are "I Feel Like Seeing the Moon" in Everyday Genius, 5 poems on The Poetry Project site, a video of this blog's namesake poem "Human is Animal, Animal is Back" in Rabbit Light Movies, "Get You" and "Screen on the World Side" at The Cultural Society, "Ephemera" in Typo Magazine, and Duration Press's free PDF of Get You, some poems later published in my full-length book.