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Thursday, June 21, 2007

brooklyn sounds

trying to get some sounds on this thing, a better microphone. buses, cars, airplanes, kids, yelling, cars, buses, airplanes, horns, birds, wind. all you can hear is the trucks and buses on the thing that i can't put on this thing.

there's a sound tunnel. a street's a sound tunnel and the sound tunnels by. earlier i napped through thunder, wind, dark clouds, rain, yelling, and woke up to sun shining at 8 o'clock. only hearing all that, i couldn't have slept. listening in the sounds, awake. longest day of the year.


Lily said...
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Lily said...

! Last night Becka and I took a walk on Ocean Beach, not realizing that all of San Francisco would be out for the solstice. You should have seen the dancing. And screaming. And crowds. And cute dogs. And perpendicular waves. !

Claire said...

"there was this very thin layer of water where the waves ended, if that makes sense, and they had edges
and the edges met each other at a 90 degree angle
and moved like that for a while
very strange"