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Monday, October 29, 2007

The Darjeeling Limited

Wes Anderson is a director I've grown up with. I have two Rushmore posters in a hall.

Talking to Julia, I was thinking about the way each time a movie comes out, many people are quick to say, This is it. This is his first bad one. This is a bad album.

I like what someone said about an author, I don't care what she's saying in this book. I just like spending time with her.

The Darjeeling Limited is amazing. At first I am unable to get lost in it (which I think maybe is the point), then as the same song is played repeatedly, I begin to love that song (Where Do You Go to (My Lovely), Peter Sarstedt), and I'm lost in the movie. Which is a lot like life.

When I read the Anthony Lane review in The New Yorker, I thought it wasn't favorable. But when I reread it after seeing the movie, I thought it was.

It's not perfect. The women should be cooler.


Adam said...

I liked it a lot too.

LCB said...

I like what someone said about an author, too.

Chrysanthe said...

i really liked it. so beautifully shot and edited. music great as usual. the more i thought about it afterwards, the more disappointed i was in the peter character for not going home to his pregnant wife and for Wes Anderson for implying that brotherly bonding should trump responsibility.