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Saturday, February 16, 2008

The pull down to the sidewalk
as I bent. Attitudes I lifted
from your inside. Carry
that bulky cooler. Pack
my soul in a grocery bag.
The plants are dropping
their reproductive leaves.
This fish is chewable ocean,
just ocean to me.
Recycle your bags;
now we don't use them.
The pull to the ocean
unassailable, akin
to dropping off people
at their doorsteps,
to a bucket full of bread
by your side. This plant
lives because I love it.
Your plant dies
and your television attitude
that you like dropping off to,
shoves to the sidewalk, free.
Or throw away soul
that I made in college
before it jumps the shelf
in boredom. I don't
believe in that state,
but believing is suspect
as per.