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Thursday, August 19, 2010

For You & You

For You

Move the old
to always
like a beard

see this chin
to see again.
You wait

while I
eat my
breakfast and coffee.

In one hundred days
I could ignore you.

A poem would come
it would
be here again

like white hairs
falling to
white emptiness.

For You & You

I became self-sufficient,
no you or you
scaring me

just the waking
up, stirring
in the bed,

waking my dog up
to see the deer.
Then you

were okay with me,
I hadn’t

one I loved
like a tiger-striped dog.

Because I couldn’t
know, didn’t
know, did know.

I miss you,
call you in the car.
I don’t know the advice.

1 comment:

Amy Berkowitz said...

i like these. i thought i told you that already for some reason, maybe in a dream.