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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

H _ N G M _ N # 7

I Decide to Be Alone With the Versions of Myself Who Accompany Me, Not the Versions Who Accompany You

That is the title of my poem which you may read here in H_NGM_N. You may read the other poems too.

These are the titles some of the other poems:
After the crash
The Porch
Mechanical Heart
The Dubtone
The Urge to Break Things
Lecture Notes On Wittgenstein Driving South
Poem Where Something Incredible Crashes
Wonder’s Widow
Theory of the Walking Big Bang
What Engine
Unthinking Zero

I got too tired. I cannot finish this list. There's a bunch of other stuff--reviews, longer poetry thing, comics, art, and a poem by Daniel Becker, whom I don't know.

In my poem, the speaker is not being mean. The speaker has trouble making decisions. That difficult process is reflected by the long title.

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