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Monday, January 21, 2008

Our reading in Nebraska is sort of embarrassingly well-documented on some blogs that I won't mention. I will mention that the Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery is a beautiful building with a really stellar 20th century collection, and our hosts were really wonderful. Thank you! Being cold is kind of interesting. The midwest deserves a lot of love. I saw some fabulous hills in northern Missouri, western Iowa, and eastern Nebraska.

I also spent some time eating ribs in Kansas City, having sing-alongs in Johnson County, and scanning old photos at my parents house. Too bad my computer won't read the CD I burned them on. Luckily I had a couple in my email.

The biggest news of the weekend concerns Will Oldham and a forthcoming issue of your favorite online poetry journal.

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gina said...

Intriguing, but I have a feeling we have different favorites... ;)