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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"At least according to legend, the “events of May” — the strikes and disturbances that convulsed France in the spring of 1968 — began at the movies."

Forty years ago, 1968. All those things in one year: student revolution in France, student revolution at Columbia University, assassinations, elections. And forty years later we have some student protests in California over state tuition fees, which go up significantly each year. But we might expect a lot more to be happening, just more happening.

Read this maybe: "Cinema, for Godard in the ’60s, was an art of the present tense, which meant that an individual film was not a framed and finished work but rather something more like an essay: provisional, disjunctive and almost by definition incomplete." I love that idea of an incomplete thing, an essay, a try. Doing that again and again. And protests and poems both might embody this model.

Possibly unrelate: you may have heard about this compendium of taco truck information on Morning Edition yesterday. It's pretty rad: Yum Tacos! One of the things I miss about Oakland is Fruitvale and taco trucks.

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