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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Left Facing Bird , a journal made in six hours, yesterday in Montana and all over, featuring 100 writers, helping us write. This is a photo of my own left facing bird, friend of the pigeons watching me sleep.


A DiPietra said...


I don’t usually do this, but just wanted to say a spent a fun little while reading through your blog tonight. (No, this is not spam; no penises will appear in the next line, though I suppose they appeared in this one.) I was interested in it because of the title--I was searching for something about Demise Newman, found you instead, discovered your blog is called Human’s Animal, which I thought was interesting since I am working on Bhanu Kapil's new book which is called Humanimal. Then, I liked your poetry and decided to stay a while and read. Also, I was compelled by your work, since I will soon be working at Lighthouse for the Blind.

That is all. Thanks!

A DiPietra said...

Oh, and also because I wanted to know if that is a pigeon because I have P.O.D. series (Pigeon-of-the-Day) and would love to link to it.