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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Don't forget to vote if you can today. In San Francisco, crazy things to vote for (like ending rent control (statewide) and punishing moral turpitude). Vote unless you think I'm an idiot for wanting us to vote. I'm probably missing something. Your ideology is probably more developed than mine.

On the back of the Voter Information Pamphlet, it says my polling place is wheelchair accessible. Then it is stamped: "5% slope." So much about life here is determined by hills. I often regret living even on the edge of one. They made my polling place uphill.

They made the Regional Transit Discount ID card office in a place it could take hours to get to, with an entrance in the middle of a rocky, disintegrating parking lot with no sidewalks and hazardous tunnels entrances nearby. Right next to it is a polling place.

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