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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Audio of me reading is up at New Lakes Audio (from Catherine Meng's house in Berkeley, March 2008, Rob Schlegel and Brandon Shimoda recording).

I had some trouble getting it to load on a Mac (could be the horsehair in our walls), but it works on the state's trusty HP.

A bit about those poems:
"Your Face": a re-imagining of events in and outside of Lyon dormitory (they always said it was designed by people who built prisons), Pomona College, 1999.

"Examination of Physical Space in the Notebook" takes place on Haddon Road, Oakland, 2007 and thinks back to Bolivia, sloths, 2001, and "the past."

"The Face Transplant" takes place alone (afraid of dogs, whistling to ward off mountain lions) and with Lily Brown on the ridge trail in the Redwood Preserve in the Oakland Hills, October 2006, after I had started my very real job.


Lily said...

That was 2006? Wow. That wasn't the owl time was it?

Claire said...

There were so many times...I was thinking of the first time I went very far out where it looks like Mars or something, and it was very dusty after months of dry season. In 2006 it rained through the end of May (graduation) and every day in March. I remember talking about making space for the reader. We saw an owl sometime. Man, I don't know. I guess I lived in Oakland until the beginning of 2008 and hiked up there until then.

Hazel said...

I just listened to your poems here. It's so good to hear your voice, your poems, to read your blog. xo