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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I am behind. But I'm expurgating the past and so excited to tell you about Mike Sikkema's full-length book Futuring just out from BlazeVOX. Mike, I miss you and your poems, and I fear the future, and it's raining, and I love Celia from a cell phone camera of the past. Read Mike's book. You can totally look inside it on Amazon, but that's not enough.


D$ said...

Hi Claire,

This is Danish. Check out my homeboys, they are NYC poets:

Claire said...

Which ones are your homeboys? They've got some great poets in there.

spicer2008 said...

Thanks claire. My poems and kids and I miss you too. Anyway to get you to come to B-Flo to read or something? I might be on your coast,maybe in the summer, for the Poetry Marathon. Thinking of you. the kids says kid things at you.

Claire said...

Hey Mike! Yes, come here. I do want to come to B-Flo some day. Kid things to your kids.