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Friday, August 1, 2008

Available soon from Traffiker Press, the thing you see on the table: Jared Stanley's flapping open chapbook, The Outer Bay. It is sure to be an excellent read. To get it, you're going to have to send a check to Andrew Kenower probably.

On a side note, I am wondering if anyone has watched the cancelled HBO series created by David Milch, John From Cincinnati. It has many of the same actors and speaking styles and sometimes music as Deadwood. I recently finished it, after getting stuck in the middle for a while. It was alright, way better than many things.

Tonight maybe I'm going to see The Exiles, 1961, which looks awesome. And I'm now going to try to go swimming. Goodbye.

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A Voice Box said...

Hoy hoy,

The Outer Bay is now available!

From our bay to yours for $8.

Thanks for binding Claire.

(yr comp copy will be in the mail soon)