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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Satellite Telephone

That's a photo of the journal Satellite Telephone posing as a face. And the photo is backwards, and the mirror is what you get. Anyhow, it's a magazine put out by Robert Dewhurst. I have about 10 pages of stuff in there. There is a typo to correct. In the poem, "San Leandro," "I bought friends" should read "I brought friends." It's not me in the poems though, so I don't know. Maybe she did buy friends. Maybe I wrote that. Maybe I changed my mind. Is that why Typo is Typo? Also there's a little "stars" for "stairs" action which I wish we could do in real life.

Here's information from the website. Lots of great stuff in there.

"SATELLITE TELEPHONE is a small, irregularly published magazine of poetry and fictocriticism, born in Portland, Oregon, and since on the move. It's second issue (Spring/Summer 2008) came out today (July 23rd), and is pleased to feature new writing by: CLAIRE BECKER, LYNN BEHRENDT, ROBERT DEWHURST, FANNY HOWE, KEVIN KILLIAN, RODNEY KOENEKE, CHRIS KRAUS, DOROTHEA LASKY, SAM LOHMANN, KIMBERLY LYONS, SIMON PETTET, CHRIS PIUMA, ARLO QUINT, DAN RAPHAEL, HANNAH SAYLE, KYLE SCHLESINGER, FRANK SHERLOCK, and SUSIE TIMMONS. The artist-writer GOODY-B. WISEMAN drew a beautiful cover.

"The magazine is xeroxed and staple-bound, with silkscreened covers. It costs $7, postage paid, and can be purchased below with paypal. Copies _may_ also be found in Portland at Reading Frenzy; in Los Angeles at FAMILY; in Washington, DC at Bridge Street Books; in Amsterdam at Boekie Woekie; and in Germany at the Cologne Kunstverein. Or, like the first issue, #2 is free as a trade for mail art or other zines. You should do this. Email the editor for his current address."


Joshua said...

This comment is about the photo. Did you intend it to look like the cover of your chapbook?

Claire said...

Yes, I did.