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Thursday, December 11, 2008


Somehow for the first time, the list of Golden Globe nominations, the winter movie awards season, reminds me of a program I found on the ground for a high school play. The names, the things they do only exist in my imagination. I don't have any sensory or emotional connection. And I haven't cared much, but I have sometimes, and I've thought I had to see movies, wanted to make movies. But this year the only movies I've seen that appear in these lists are Milk, Wall-E, and Pineapple Express (James Franco was pretty good in that one--good catch Golden Globe people). I even forgot to see Batman.

The television list bores me too. True Blood is pretty good, and I like a few of those TV shows when I am incapable of doing other things (see Lydia Davis's "Television" for great thinking about television), but "Gossip Girl" really is the best show on TV partially because of how low and high it is at once. They even made reference to Fassbinder's "Berlin Alexanderplatz" (which put me in the theatre for some wonderful hours and a couple of short naps this year). And they should be recognized in some kind of list.

I used to watch a few movies a week but not this year. And it feels different this year. I'm not a part of things Hollywood! Draw me back in. Make me a part of things. I don't really care about these crappy intellectual movies. I'm more interested in those 15-year old Disney star's Myspace pages.

Uhh. This is a dumb post but I'm just trying to write anything.

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