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Thursday, December 25, 2008

“A paean of love” — he was writing to a girlfriend
American gangster movies and British war films
Noise within silence

“Words are weapons that the characters use to discomfort or destroy each other”
“Such as the man preferred coffee but the other person wished him to have tea"
Written out of “very cold anger"

The adjective Pinteresque
as a byword for strong and unspecified menace

Between “primitive rage” and “liberal generosity"
All studies of the unreliability of memory and the uncertainty of love

“I don’t go away and say: ‘I have illuminated myself. You see before you a changed person,'"

For inexplicable reasons, invite a homeless man named Davies
To share their quarters and to act as a kind of custodian
Political maneuvering, fraternal love, spiritual isolation, language as a negotiating Weapon or a form of cover-up

A stage version of his film script for “Remembrance of Things Past”

“The play is a comedy because the whole state of affairs is absurd and inglorious. It is, however, as you know, a very serious piece of work.”

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