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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Lame Websites for You and something about chimpanzees

I was tiredly doing research the other night for a post about bad websites, lame things on the internet that you might not know about. The first one is the Your Scene, Strange but True, Weird Warnings page on the L.A. Times website. Readers/viewers can post their own photos of weird signs.

After viewing all 359 posted photos, I conclude that there are 3 categories of weird/humorous signs. 1) Signs displaying poor English translations; 2) Signs with graphics that surprise the viewer, often found on trips to foreign countries; 3) Odd combination of circumstances causes a sign to be funny (ie. a falling rocks sign has fallen down, rocks all around it).

The website it poorly organized. The photos are small and hard to see. There are obessive users who have commented throughout the 359 posted weird warnings. Some users have accused others of photoshopping their weird warning signs. YOU could LITERALLY spend hours on the site! And I do not recommend that.

I'm reading Jane Goodall's autobiography to my students. I like how hairy baby chimps are except for their ears and faces.

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