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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Andrew Kenower's recording of me reading at Back Room Live in January is up at A Voice Box, and I really have to recommend it. I had lost my voice completely for over 24 hours before the reading and was barely getting it back at the time. I wish my voice always sounded like that and I always spoke so slowly. I also like the ambient noise at the end. Good work Andrew. Other new readings up too.

As I was recently recorded by travelling poets Brandon and Rob, you'll be able to hear me reading someday on the radio in Missoula, Montana. So you could drive through Montana back and forth until you do. That sounds like a great life plan, bouncing back whenever you reach the borders of the state. Thanks guys. Thanks Lauren. I think your radio show is also a pretty good life plan.

Lots of poetry live again: Tonight there's a Back Room Live reading--Lyn Hejinian, Brenda Hillman, Geoffrey G. O'Brien and Graham Foust. Also the New Old New Yipes or whatever that's called now in Oakland has Lyn Hejinian & K. Silem Mohhamed tomorrow night at 6:30 at 21 Grand. And tonight is a comedy show fundraiser for 826 Valencia, Evening of a Thousand Scowls at Everett Middle School. See you somewhere.

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