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Thursday, March 20, 2008

I recommend Obama's speech about race. It's so much better than my own attempts.

Unless you are learning how to write scathing movie reviews, do not see the movie 10,000 BC. It made me really sleepy and did not have enough talking to make it interesting for me or for the blind. And also about the blind, I think that Paterson's extramarital affairs are a good thing for the blind. Also about the movie: there was a blind man in it whom they kept hidden on a platform under the floor. And they spoke a made-up language half the time. Roland Emmerich, what have you done?

I dreamed about being in a swimming pool again.

I am looking forward to spring break--camping at Big Sur. I am looking forward to big surgery. Actually small. And a college reunion, which a friend thinks will be being on a drug. I think it will be time travelling--to go back to a place with the people who were there will recreate the feelings. The real feelings, sometimes the same, bad, good, greenery and sprinklers and departments. Mixed with the new--processing the changes. Do we change.

We know as many people as possible as well as we can.

Earthquake in Fremont. Just now. Check.

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