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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

call a phone number for radio stories

If you have a Blackberry, maybe an iPhone, maybe a Google phone, or some phone that is also the internet; if you need the news read to you by National Public Radio; if you have lots of extra phone minutes; if you ride public transportation, you are going to be really happy. You are going to be really happy because you are so much like me, except you have a lot of phone minutes.

Go to from your mobile device. Next to the stories, there's a button that says Call. Push it, and your phone asks if you want to call the number. Call the number and you can hear the radio stories, one by one. It's pretty sweet. That's what I was doing yesterday when the cops came onto the BART train and arrested someone in the seat across the aisle from me. I was glad I looked busy.

I also recommend using speaker phone or headphones so you don't hurt your brain like I do.


Joshua said...

What happened to the person who got arrested? It would have been cool had NPR reported on that.

Claire said...

One cop was there, patted him down for a while. Kid was young. Maybe had somebody's bag? He had a red bag.

Andrea said...

Yes, it probably was good that you looked busy.