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Thursday, July 12, 2007


LLB takes issue with my adverb placement of "anymore" in the sentence, "Anymore I don't know anyone who lives in this neighborhood except some neighbors, whom I don't know."

I say that's totally allowed! Allowed and awesome! Please respond.

Claire: do you want to say anything?
LLB: No! you just said what I said? I said what I said. You said what i said. it's on there! .... you just want a partner in crime on this blog. i know what's going on here.

Okay, I will not delete this blog. Yet.

Off to play tennis (for half an hour).

P.S. word of the day c0-written by LLB.


LCB said...

I think there should have been a comma after "anymore", but otherwise I like it.

Also, I think you look like me in that sketchy picture.

Claire said...

hmmm, maybe you're right. i used to be so good with adverbs. in that picture,--it's deceiving--i have a visible mouth, nose & eyes.

Lily said...

Claire, this is really getting ridiculous. Do you ONLY blog when I'm around??