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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Breaking my silence to give you a transcription of part of a segment of today's Morning Edition.

Renee Montagne: French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s two days in Washington turned out to be a diplomatic triumph, and Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank was following the events…They really embraced the notion of a Frenchman coming to see an American President.

Dana Milbank: Yes, well, you know, things are rocky with the Iraq war, so they decided they would not mention that at all and instead get into the Revolutionary War. So Sarkozy was essentially playing Lafayette, and this allowed Bush to play what he called, “The other George W., the father of our country.” …They wanted to reach back for happier times in the Franco-American alliance…In each case, they positioned themselves as the heirs. It could not have been any less subtle if they were wearing powdered wigs and false teeth. They actually brought in an impersonator of George Washington and one of the Marquis, and they acted out a little skit in the White House.

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