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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Rabbit Light Movies

Lily Brown

I like this poem because it says, "When I say we, I don't mean we're the same, I mean we fall on each other," and because it has killer "we'll"s and "it's"s.

Stephanie Young

I like this poem because it asks, "How does I not molest itself, standing there with water dripping off, standing there in the shower stall dripping," and because it says, "That was way more milk than I ever thought I could accommodate."

I like these Rabbit Light Movies from Joshua Marie Wilkinson. Rabbit Light Movies is a quarterly online journal of "poemfilms."

Episode #5: Catherine Wagner, Jaswinder Bolina, Joshua Poteat, J'Lyn Chapman, Chuck Stebelton, and Stephanie Young. Episode #6 will go up in January. Prior episodes (#1-4) are archived on the site.

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