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Thursday, November 15, 2007

What if the subject starts with lowered gaze?

From OED Online

d. to stare (someone) down, out: to stare at someone without being first to blink or lower one's gaze, usu. as an expression of resistance or hostility; to outstare. Also fig.

1856 DICKENS Dorrit (1857) I. xxiv. 215 ‘She looked at the Princess, and the Princess looked at her.’ ‘Like trying to stare one another out,’ said Maggy. 1946 T. H. WHITE Mistress Masham's Repose xiv. 115 Miss Brown searched out her pupil's eyes and fixed them with her own. She had a..trick of staring Maria down. 1965 ‘T. HINDE’ Games of Chance I. iv. 110 That made me shout at Kenny a lot, and mimic him, and stare him out. 1972 R. THOMAS Porkchoppers (1974) xii. 107 He spent nearly a minute staring at Goff. Goff had stared back, thinking that he was damned if he'd let any pal of Cloke's stare him down. 1979 Guardian 12 Jan. 8/5 Some measure of fiscal ‘mid-term adjustment’ called for. So is a serious attempt to stare down the local government workers. 1979 G. SEYMOUR Red Fox iv. 56 The maid in the starched apron stared him out.

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